Should I send a ‘Thank You’ message anyway

I had an interview for a Payroll Specialist position on Friday, October 12 and this morning when I logged into the company’s portal, I saw that my status had changed from “applied’ to ‘under consideration’. I was planning to send them a ‘Thank You’ email tomorrow to reaffirm my interest in the position but since they’re already considering me maybe I shouldn’t send the email after all? Please advise.

I think that it is an awesome to send a thank you message Diana. It shows character and that you are interested. To me being in HR…

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Think outside the box!

Meet Susan!

Susan is an educator and advocate for many young adults and teachers in her community. During the last 25 years, Susan took a non-traditional path to teaching and started building programs in the nonprofit sector.

Through her programs, she was able to create opportunities for people who not only loved to teach but wanted to go beyond the classroom. If someone is interested in using their career path to make an impact, she is the one…

Hello! Busch Beer would want you to allow us place decal on your Car/Truck or Bike and get $500 weekly? If interested please go to…

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SHERRI TONGATE ... This post is a scam. Please read the information on this site or google it yourself. It's important to always…

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"WALKING BY FAITH, NOT BY SIGHT" (Your Words Have Power.) [IBYC]


THE BREAKDOWN: You go to your favorite fast food restaurant. You approach the menu board and search to see what you want. You speak to someone you can't see or even know and ask for...two cheese burgers, medium fries and large strawberry shake. They take your order and say come around and you trust their judgement that your order will be filled!

THE BUILD-UP: So, why can't we approach the…


Thank you for your message! I’m going to a interview tomorrow, by reading your message I KNOW I will get this job! God could move…

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Drama at #Evershine

My customers and my co workers not angered to me all loves me a lot,because of my behaviour and work.

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What I loved working at #Evershine

I love my all work.

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I was recently kicked out of my job, the reason? because I got sick of gallstones and I had an emergency surgery; but since I had to be 3 weeks at rest, it was considered as resignation to work, I have 3 months there, because I did not have the year in that company, I’m the household mother and that job was my only monetary source! :’(

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I need a job in usa

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Losing Faith

My rent is overdue. My brother/employer just passed away. He sold my car a week before. I’m being evicted for the first time in my 55 years on this earth. I don’t have a lifeline. I moved here 6 years ago and I am having to eat crow and go back where I know the area. So much for an adventure being single. God Bless!! Say a prayer for me. Thanks

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It's hard when we don't expect to get knocked down. And that's what's happening to you. You got knocked down. Ok so now what? Ok…

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Busch Beer..Scam

I noticed a lot of Busch Beer saying they will pay you to put a decal on your car window...THIS IS A SCAM
I contacted them and they text me then emailed me..then sent a check for 1,800.00 with instructions that i was to cash the check..then hire and pay for the graphic designer to make and give me the decal...however the so called company BUSCH BEER Is not whos name was on the check it was a concrete company...and a college. ..but on the envelope…

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I was hired as a loader for ups in Hayward ca that place is Horrible they allow you to go outside in your 15min break most of the people do so to smoke weed and the worst part of it the supervisors know it and won’t do nothing about it those people come back so stoned they can’t keep up with the packages they look out of it why won’t UPS do something about this I work hard and so do others yet these people have no shows or don’t call in they…

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Age discrimanation

I was under the impression that to question someones birth year or graduation year was unlawful. This I understand is age discrimnation, Am I wrong?

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Hi Lynda
It depends on what stage in the hiring process you are in, once you have been made an offer of employment it is…

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Job hunting

Would love for a job in packing or a office job.

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