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Edited 27 days ago


I had a job interview back in early November for job (according to the description) that I like. During the interview process I asked all about the job and what day to day tasks were like. It seemed like the perfect company and fit for me. I ended up getting the job and started January 2 of this year.

As training went on, I came to the realization that the job is not like the description. (I was under the impression that I would be...

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Tiffany Smith
less than a minute ago

Sorry to hear this. Many companies advertise job positions in their company for that lucrative position to the public because...

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Robin Meyer > All Jobcasers
4 days ago

Not sure what ro do

I interviewed with DSW the shoe store chain for the position of Head Cashier. The interview went well and I am going to have a 2nd interview with the store manager. It is full time with a day shift schedule. The second job I interviewed for was with my local school district for a part time position working in the cafeteria. The woman who interviewed me said I have to have my fingerprint done which is ok I have a clean record but she said...

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D'Adiere McAlister
7 minutes ago

You have your finger print on record with the D.M.V. In the state you live in, check with D.M.V. to see if you can get a copy...

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Is this real


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shiva Ramadoss > All Jobcasers
17 minutes ago

Challenging man to current situatons

Divert any opening

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Fabian Montez
1 minute ago

hello Shiva, might i ask what you meant by this message? are you offering work opportunities or are you looking for work yourself?

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What I loved working at #StaywellInsuranceCompany

It was a great experience where the people I worked with were compassionate understanding and made me feel welcome as one of their team members, working with loyal and professional members that take care of their customers to satisfy the customers needs whether it be Health Insurance or Home/Auto Insurance. Also to include benefits for their employees.

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Twin Zay > All Jobcasers
5 days ago

Things are only getting better

I had a hard time finding and getting a job. At one moment in time I felt all things where against me.I felt like no job wanted me. That I was maybe to old to start a new job at my age . I should of known better. God put something like this site in my life, so I feel like I'm not alone.. I read, I identify with you all. Took pionters, & subjugation from you all. And worked it my way way. Today I have two jobs cuz of child support. But I have...

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Twin Zay
4 minutes ago

Thank you so much. That's all I wanted to do for someone out of a thousand people. That's what this site "to me" is for....

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Timothy Friedmann
1 minute ago

My name is Timothy Friedmann, The owner of Friedmann Services, I'm wondering if you can work from your home as my Personal...

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I got laid off of my job as an AP Specialist along with 5 other co workers back in October, 2017. I have been on unemployment ever since then and actively looking for a job. I have applied for what seems like a thousand jobs and gone on numerous interviews. A lot of these interviews I knocked out of the park. But I keep getting the same answer.....We decided to go with a different candidate. Well I am 60 years old with many years...

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D'Adiere McAlister
2 minutes ago

Unfortunately that is the way things go.BUT that is called age discrimination. You can contact a lawyer and see what rights you...

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One Day I just walked out on my job./?

I had enough of people who think they run the bessin when the boss is not around. I have talked to the manger about this, but it happen more than once. HE/SHE said I was to slow at my job and behind others.

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Elpaso Orsini
Edited 2 minutes ago

Yes i too have also walked

out of my favorite job i

had worked for alot of

years and i had alot of good and bad...

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Marquita Kelly > All Jobcasers
Edited 26 minutes ago

I need a job

Hey im 15 going on 16 with a 6 going on 7 month old son. I applied for 2 jobs and they never emailed me back they said they needed people with more experience, but im tryna better myself for my son. I'm even willing to move into a small apartment for the both of us it's just hard someone please help me. I live in Augusta Georgia #teenjobs #youngmother #singleparent

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Delisa Hall
6 minutes ago

Research summer youth programs to work. Have your work permit ready and daycare plans.

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Sydney Taylor > All Jobcasers
7 minutes ago


I currently have a night time job, and i normally work 2-8, 6 days a week. I have been looking for a morning time seasonal job so I can make some more money and stay busy.

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Timothy Friedmann
5 minutes ago

My name is Timothy Friedmann, The owner of Friedmann Services, I'm wondering if you can work from your home as my Personal...

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