Very nice on understanding people

I honestly had to make the best out of what it was. We were always short staffed. Which meant I literally was doing parts of the restaurant I had no business being in ;while getting paid under minimum wage. Only reason I stayed for 3 years was because of my loyalty to my bosses.

Learning about different machines.

I didn't have a job interview with Mr. Chips because I was hired by way of a staffing agency.

Not the money

Fue una experiencia sumamente buena, ya que pude desarrollar destrezas que no tenia.

Me ayudo a desenvolverme en el area de Cajera, cuadre de dinero y en el inventario.

Tu es puerto Rican?

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Flexible schedule with a variety of different jobs on different days. In addition after assignment was given was allowed to work more independently..

Because it was a great experience for me in the social aspect and the diversity of the roles I mastered threw time and hands on and the history and diversity of the people I work with played a great role in my growth.

I apreciate the respose concerning the remarks I made on , why I would recomend someone to work at Mr. Gyro's... see more

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