How would you answer, what is your greatest weakness?

I told a potential employer in an interview that my greatest weakness was Impatience. I have not been hired in two... see more

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MLK day is coming up soon and it has got me thinking about those who do what is right.

A few weeks ago as I was getting off the train my keys fell out of my pocket and due to the lack of sleep, I didn’t even notice (#momlife).

I would have traveled for an hour and a half without them, rushed over to the car and then realized they were gone. My baby would have been waiting at daycare and I probably would have cried.

...but instead, someone on... see more


I had a customer who had a watch that was at least $75,000. I didn’t see it until about an hour after he left.
I... see more

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How would you answer, What Make You a Better Candidate for This Position?

I am looking forward to Being a great asset to your company because, I will make sure that I get every job done on... see more

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I’ve looked up headhunters, talent management companies and staffing agencies. I went into Philadelphia dressed to impress hoping to talk to someone who could help me find a job that was a perfect match for me and the company. Three agencies looked at me like I was crazy. I said right off the bat that I didn’t have an appointment, but would like to schedule one. I also had copies of my resume. All three told me that they don’t do appointments... see more

Hi Jacob,
Since it’s been a while, and you are getting back up to speed - you might want to be mindful of how many... see more

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Happy New year!
First of all, I will turn 60 years old near the end of this month. I have been applying for jobs online since November.
In moving forward , I applied for several positions at Metro, including part time bus driver. In addition, I received an email requesting that I select date/time to take a pre interview driving test. I arrived early to the designated rest site, took the test. After taking the test, applicants and I were... see more

Well nobody truly compassionate about your life or your career and go onto the next level with this I will pursue... see more

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First of all I would like to thank Jobcase and the Jobcase community for all the advice, support, and encouragement. I really appreciate it and I try to do my part to return the favor.
I got involved in a relationship with a co worker who was 16 years younger (I was 40, she was 24) I was a permanent hired on employee and she was a temp through an agency. It was fun for about 6 months but let's be realistic, the relationship was destined for... see more

I would say thats life my friend it happens. My first girlfriend was my sisters best friend we dated for years and... see more

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Jarrod Clark Yessir, thanks Jarrod!

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Does anyone have experience with Online Team Builders? Are they a legit work from home company? They contacting me for an interview and I am trying to find as much information on them as possible. Thanks for your help.


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Charles James Jr. nice meeting you and how are you doing ?

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Hi, all:

Should you be looking? I have heard many answers, some good, some bad.

I would like to offer you a simple three-legged stool approach.

Like this stool, if your position meets all three of these standards, then STAY.

If your position meets TWO of these standards, then CONSIDER LEAVING.

If your position meets ONE or NONE of these standards, then START LOOKING.

Standard #1: Are you happy in your work? This means different things to... see more

I’m a tech savvy person who would love a job with more downtime I am an wireless expert currently and do sales but I rarely get time for my creativity an as a artist when I don’t use my creative outlet in a long time I get depressed I am a hard worker and always strive to do things as best as I can! I put two different stores in my region in the #1 spot last year and I know with motivation and drive I can do anything I put my mind into!

#1 slip seating
#2 older model trucks
#3 Third shift
#4 call ins on days off
#5 working on Holidays
#6 split days off/never two in a row
#7 delays on maintenance
#8 may have to drive hostler
#9 average $1k week gross
#10 weekly pay check
#11 frequent change of duties
#12 frequent drop and hook
#13 57’ trailers

If you have double/triple end. You will pull doubles.

#14 average 50 hours a week

#1. I had a great business partner who also was a great hair stylist..having previously worked a number of years for David Hanson...two time World Hairstylist. #2. The regular clientele we had for years...getting to know them like they were your next door neighbor.

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