It was a great experience I loved everyone who I worked with they are were great.. I loved my customers... an I'm goin to miss it there but everything happens for a reason .. just glad I got to meet them when I did the owner an her husband are very good people an a blessing to know... Nancy an ashlyn an shannon an James are awesome people ....

That is awesome to hear Amy Roderick ! Thanks for sharing your experience with us in the community.

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So recently I was let go and on very morally questionable grounds and right before Christmas literally 3 days before I moved into my new place all seemed great until I was asked to come to the office and that's when I got delivered the news. It was heart breaking and terrifying because all I could think was now what. I had just enough money to post for 2 months rent and that was it but I got let go at the worse part of the year. In my field... see more

amazing ty

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as any ordinary person what I advice the one who work at 711 or will work believe on maximum satisfaction of the entire customer and if something wrong with the custemer try to talk positively and friendly then things are going to be smooth and calm!!

thanks for sharing this great advice with the community Abinet Shewa !

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When things were going smoothly & the customers were happy

Nice co workers, customer politeness,store neat and clean

The steady working and hours were perfect

Fast past ..

My customer's.

The customers

The customers, because I am very kind and personable? Plus, if we didn't have cistosmers, we wouldn't get paid. The customer ALWAYS comes first.

It's actually a very good place to work until you get threatened.. accused of something and fired all in the same sentence

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