Interaction with the soldiers and showing my appreciation.

Curious whether those of you who work in coffee shops (Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, etc.) have found mobile ordering to make your daily jobs better or worse? Why?


Nice that you have a place to go to

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I used my selling skills to find out what the customer really wanted and then up spelled from that point. I handled customer issues and problems. Made sure product was displayed and merchendised correctly. Product that had plan a grams were followed. Stayed informed on what our budget was and what was expected to make. We also had the Star credit card. I showed service members how easy it was to set up an account. Talked to them about the... see more

I love taking care of our military
I still work for them

I love taking care of our military

The customer

I love my customers and co workers. U have been there since 2008 - to present

I an still employed there


Getting the situation rectified, then got a cupbif tea

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Being able to interact with members of the armed services from all branches of the service. Helping them find what they were looking for felt like I was making their day a little easier.

Be prepared to to have a like for general public and be ready to handle any situation with a good attitude and sense of humor.

Black Friday. The Exchange store prices are always lower all the time wit no sales tax, normally, so on the day where sizable sales were happening, caused a bit of stress.

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