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ADDECCO is hiring I recently got hired on

Awesome! Congratulations on getting #hired Amrey Manzanares !

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I finally found a full-time job. I start Monday. I have struggled since the end of tax season to find something, I mean anything. I didn't even get call backs from fast food restaurants. I finally secured a job with Adecco. Yeah it's an hour away but I believe it to be well worth it. Wish me luck.

Good luck

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Can anyone advise me on how to deal with getting interviews, making it to the top 2 for the second interview & not being offered the job. This has happened to me on 2 recent occasions. I'm not sure wny but this is mind boggling. I have been out of work sense 11.1.2018 but started seeking employment opportunities in March of this year. I had a set of interviews in April. One was very promising, the manager gave me great feedback and directed me on... see more

I've been there before myself Tracie Parham ! Sometimes it's just that someone else is a better fit, but of course... see more

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Ashley Wilson Hello again Ashley, here is some feedback that I recieved from one company that I applied for after I... see more

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Adecco was a temp agency. They closed the Cookeville office or I would be working with them again.

Again, they were a temp agency.

No drama at that job. It was probably the best job I ever had. They were extremely good to their emploees.

Adecco is a temp agency. I didn't work at their office. They found me a job at Flowserve that was suppose to last for six months. I stayed at Flowserve for 7 months helping in the relocation of their accounts payable to a different country.

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