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I came across this podcast that hit close to home. I worked in a lot of different service industry positions before getting my start in the corporate world. It actually all started from one of my regulars at the bar I tended who was working at a consulting firm and thought I'd be a good fit for a Research position. Fast forward 5 years and I've built a nice career for myself and a home here at Jobcase where I get to hire engineers that enable... see more

I worked for albertsons as A meat cutter would like to get back into meat cutting there is A albertsons not far from where I live liked working at albertsons

I put an application at Albertsons. They called me two days later and said they are hiring me. I went in today and they gave me a new employee orientation kit and a cap and aprons. Introduced me to other employees..but doing a background check. And gave me rate of pay. Does this mean I'm hired? I'm so stressed because I need this job.

I would reach out to the hiring manager and try to confirm this with them Bruce Webb . If you have not received and... see more

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Bruce Webb Congratulations!

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Taking a few weeks off to rest my damaged knee. Ended up being terminated for cursing my manager. This was 3 weeks later. I had already seen my Doctor and was under his care. My manager was racist so nobody wanted to touch that. Nice associates and customers.

Nothing, other than getting paid.


To stay there cause they have good benefits and it's really a good company to retire from

Co workers and customer interaction and the work I was doing

Albertsons is a good place to work friendly people clean environment other employees are great communicating it's just they work with you

do you have a website link?

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Safety and cleanliness is Major part and communication with the other employees

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