I would like for all of you who deal with severe anxiety, how do you handle interviewing without showing it? I start sweating terribly and lose my train of thought and it is just becomes a mess! It is even worse now because I haven't interviewed in years, except for recently. I know I have not gotten jobs because of it. Please help if can help or relate. Thanks!

First thing for fun, watch Bob Newhart’s “STOP IT” on YouTube. Second, nobody can give you anxiety, it’s only YOUR... see more

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This morning was a rough one… I missed my train, left my bagel in the toaster AND spilled coffee all over my brand new pants. YIKES! All I wanted to do was crawl back into bed and try again tomorrow.

But, I made a promise to myself that 2020 would be a year of personal growth and positivity which means every Monday counts! So, I whipped out my Tide To-Go pen, poured a new cup of coffee and headed into work with a smile.

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Am working but have a fallen arch in my foot and still want a job that makes me feel more challenged

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Hey guys I finally got a new job after being unemployed for 4 months. Thanks for support and encouragement through my tremendous anxiety and depression while trying to be positive.

Congratulations I am so happy for you! TYJ

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Sheila Johnson thank you so much and I can’t thank him enough.

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I have not worked about 9 months. I tried t return to work 3 times and had a relapse. My left knee couldn’t hold me up standing so long at the supermarket. I do want to change my my job, I wanted to stay on because I want to retire, if I start over again, I would have to wait a longer time to retire. A fellow cashier worked unlit she died. She was close to 80 years or already was. She could have retired but pushed further and further because she... see more

I know well about how difficult a job search can be, I'm 56 n went back into the work part-time arena one year ago... see more

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I went to a so called job interview for a wireless sales associate position that was available close to where I live. When I go to the place...I got there an extra 30 minutes early so I decided to wait outside for the rest of the 30 minutes left. When it was finally time for my so called job interview to start that I was scheduled for at 3:00 p.m. I decided to enter the store. When I got there i say hello and ask if i could see the store manager... see more

Hi Jc Santos ! It sounds like that was a VERY bizarre hiring process and unprofessional. They should not have... see more

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What advice would you give someone who has little experience in their field, severe anxiety, and had minimal job experience on what to articulate in an interview?

Interviews make me very nervous. First remember to breath, answer the questions asked, speak to the skills that you... see more

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Anxiety in the workplace is more common than people realize especially if you are in a high pressure position! I... see more

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I want a job where I don’t really talk to customers. Like a fastfood place just gets me anxious. Ive worked at packaging bottles and it’s killing me( all the movements) I just cant deal with people THAT much. So what do you recommend me? I’ve thought about cleaning houses that kind of stuff where I’ll just be cleaning with no interruptions and be alone for the most part. But I don’t have a car. #jobsearch #teenjobs #Housekeeper #parttime #entryle... see more

Andrea Fregoso I think it's good to have a balance of social interaction, especially when you have anxiety. The... see more

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How do you deal fear and anxistg

Anxiety is a tough thing to address Karen Luckenbaugh but you can work through it. I think everyone gets a bit... see more

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I had troubles with an anxiety disorder when I was 21 years old, and was told that I would have some lasting effects from that. However, it has been a long time since that has had any bearings on my abilities to get or keep a job. Pacil was an amazing discovery, thank god.

AMEN!! PAXIL is a blessing!

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Beth Steidl Well there are other anti anxiety drugs.I guess I should have said thank god, for the variety of drugs... see more

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