Good job the people and on bus line ex..

Sounds like a good experience Lisa Hunter !

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Looks great!

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The people and I love yo cook.

I'm glad you liked working there and were passionate about your job Lisa Francke !

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Pray before, during and after work. Smile and be polite.

I didn't make mistakes. I might have been slow but accurate.

I didn't have stressful days at Applebee's, I got along with everyone. God gave me peace everyday of my life and He still does.

No one ever got angry with me.

What did I love at Applebee's? My guest, they were so polite and courteous and always smiling. But if they weren't smiling, I could put a smile on there face before they left.

The thing that would have made my job better at Applebee's is if they would have hired more servers.

Just relax pay attention

Applebee's was a great environment I learned a lot since I've been working for that company for the past five and a half years.during the course of my employment there I learned a lot worked around good people and learned a lot from more than just cooking I got the travel for the company as a corporate trainer to train new staff and presentation of the new items that was going to be served in the organization. doing my leafy time there and I felt... see more

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