Hey guys! Just wanted to speak and let everyone know that you all are strong, passionate, caring, loving people. What ever career field you are in or going for, I have FAITH in all of you and I wish you NOTHING but the best of luck <3

Thanks love

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One of the most productive pieces of career advice I got in my early years out of college was my first manager telling me to always dress for and act for the next role I want, so that when opp opens up I am a natural to be considered. That worked in my early banking career quite well.

Nowadays part of my role is to identify new leaders. I don't really look or care about attire (Sorry Mr. Phinney, that worked in 20th-century banking but not in... see more

I am a very young 55 yr old girl. Does Delta hire on age basis?

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Hi Angela Voxakis , while ageism is a widely experienced bias in jobseeking I haven’t heard of Delta being very... see more

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When we leave our dog for a full day of work, he’ll cry for a few seconds throughout the day. We’ve captured his activity with Furbo. What are some techniques to keep him quiet? I wish I could share the video!!!???

He’s gets walked once a day. Help!

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I leave the TV on, usually cartoons or classical music and make sure they have a snack or bone. I always have more... see more

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Have you ever heard of the daily podcast, “Snacks Daily?” It's a hilariously entertaining way to learn about tech and financial news. You'll get tips on which companies are innovating and hiring. It pairs perfectly with your commute, workout, or morning oatmeal ritual.

Check it out:

#protip #dailymotivation #snackers #worklife #officelife #interview

Great podcast suggestion! So glad you recommended it to me not so long ago :)

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Ever struggle to get yourself up and moving on Monday?

Sometimes you just have to tell yourself something positive...

-I am inspiring
-I am unique
-I am important
-I am strong
-I am a shark! : )

Let's give ourselves a boost!

Finish this thought and tell me which word best describes YOU in the comments.

I am...



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MLK day is coming up soon and it has got me thinking about those who do what is right.

A few weeks ago as I was getting off the train my keys fell out of my pocket and due to the lack of sleep, I didn’t even notice (#momlife).

I would have traveled for an hour and a half without them, rushed over to the car and then realized they were gone. My baby would have been waiting at daycare and I probably would have cried.

...but instead, someone on... see more


This is very interesting. All the post are shaped with much more creativity, For more information visit my website... see more

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