If you are struggling to find a job due to a criminal record, Amazon has options as warehouse workers or delivery drivers that could be available for you. While the work isn't always easy, the pay is decent starting at $15 an hour and often they are willing to give you a chance.

For Ex-Offenders:
Amazon's official policy is that they will not discriminate against someone with a felony. The potential candidate needs to meet all the job... see more

This is actually awesome, it gives everybody a chance to get their lives together!

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Hello Community, I've really tried to keep an open eye on issues around ageism, especially since I"m no spring chicken myself, and since I was made aware of the trend via this group. In my efforts, I've not only spoken with co-workers who hire but also 40+ friends about their job hunt challenges. I wanted to provide some perspectives, I think will be helpful.

Before I do, I want to say that although potential solutions can be on us, that... see more

I have enjoyed reading this articule. Thanks for your advice

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For anyone struggling to find a job, Amazon can be the answer as it has a number of opportunities that don't require an interview or a resume. While getting the job is easy, it is no secret that the work itself can be very demanding. With that said, building a work history with a well-known company like Amazon can unlock many opportunities in the future.

Fulfillment Associate:

Job Requirements - You have to be 18 years or older and be able to... see more

Is there a branch in Uganda, Africa, I have loved the work, I can apply if so

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I also was unexpectedly let go from my job 3 months ago after 15 years. At 61 I am finding the job market pretty tough. I have numerous resumes out and have had a couple interviews but no callbacks yet. The thing I have found to get through and keep the bills paid is a food delivery service. I won't mention names but there are several available. The hiring process is very quick and the work is pretty easy. If you don't mind driving, this can... see more

O my goodness, I wish you could just call me in Texas, I feel everything you just said!!!
I lost my husband to a... see more

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Uber, Uber eats, Lyft, Roadie, Shipt, Instacart, worked 2/3 PT jobs, these are a few things I do until something more in my field of work happens, sometimes having some $ is better than none and it relieves the pressure to some degree and helps you not to be frustrated with the process.

Hi Janice, this is great advice. There are so many options for folks who are interested gig roles, in addition to... see more

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Karen Murphy Yes Indeed. A myriad of options using what most have when unemployed, time!

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Very interested in Amazon warehouse,UPS package handler,Mail handler post office

The United States Postal Service is a great place to work.

Looking for a position as a delivery driver

Hi Micheal Lewis ! Make sure to follow the topic #DeliveryDriver for info and jobs : ) You can also check out the... see more

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Trucking has changed so much since I retired back in 2003. The quality of drivers are not as courteous and not as professional as before.The reason is the Electronic logs and the rate of pay have been reduced. The amount of training required to obtain a CDL has dropped. I would to get back on the road but the body say I’m too old.
I may seek a local dispatcher position in Houston area.

When you do that get in touch with me and we will be two older women on the road together, ok be sure to contact... see more

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Hello All,
I would like to revise my current resume to include most if not all nine temporary positions held from 2 months to 21 months. Should I not mention my 2 mos. 2x of loading delivery trucks, because that is not my forte? Ever since 2015 lay off of a decade of working for same employer in administrative, office assistant and customer service, then and thereafter, most of the temporary positions were interesting and gainful experience. I... see more

I prefer to focus on quality over quantity. Find the experiences that are most relevant and impactful and leave out... see more

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John Huang Thx,
My thoughts exactly. Seeking ideas to form it orderly.

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Enjoyed the freedom of the job . Peop[e were nice, at all deliveries.

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