I just applied for a job on LinkedIn, which told me the position was posted 16 hours ago, and it already had 73 applicants. I went on an interview last week where 100 were chosen, and only 10 were selected. Last Monday, for another job, 50 were interviewed and only 5 were selected. Sometimes you feel you should not be born before 1990, or have more experience than the age of the interviewer.

A lot of the jobs are also part time or temporary positions so there are no benefits. TRUMP voters TAKE NOTE... see more

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Tamara Halvorson
Your right, the Middle Class has been shrinking for years, all Trump, cares about is the Upper... see more

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In January as hiring speeds up again - labor market ‘astounding’ 225,000 jobs. The numbers: The U.S. created a robust 225,000 new jobs in January to get off to a good start in 2020, reflecting surprising resilience in the labor market even though manufacturing has contracted and the economy has softened.

The rise in jobs is hopeful Steven Ransom but workers are still concerned about the low number of livable wage... see more

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Here's an article I read a few months back:
The Raise the Wage Act of 2019 would raise the federal minimum wage to... see more

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I now have been in the Las Vegas area going on 6 months . If I have applied to 1 job I've applied to 1000 jobs .
My problem , or should I say problems is
1. I've applied but never hear a response
2. I get an email saying that the company moved on to other candidates , for basic jobs like data entry positions no less
3. I dont know what employers want, if I never a call back . I cant even email back with a why was I not selected
4. Even... see more

It seems your resume has a few errors, you might want to have someone revise it.

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B G because she's the epitome of crazy... Trust me

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How is it possible that so many companies and recruiters are in search of workers and seems to be having a hard time finding and filling these vacancies? Yet at the same time there are so many job seekers here and on other sites, with a ton of experience in search of a job/career for months that are probably more than qualified to fill many of these openings. Where is the missing link?

Because they have to make it all appear legit when in fact they always intended to fill the position with a friend... see more

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I recently made it through a first and a second phone interview with 2 different people for a well known Veterinary Hospital. Both interviews seemed to go well and it would actually be a stepping stone toward my dream job. My 2nd phone interview was 7 days ago and at the of the interview I was told that she would like to set me up with a working interview of sorts so that I could see what the Client Coordinator position consists of. (I actually... see more

If you really want a job somewhere show up in the morning and be waiting before the first person comes in the door... see more

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I feel I have dug myself into a hole. I worked as a senior client services administrator at a wealth management company until late 2013.. my 13 year old daughter tragically ended her life and because of the grief, despair, depression and anxiety I was unable to continue in an office environment. Around a year later, I was finally able to lift my head up out of the darkness and started bartending at two different places. I'm wanting to get back... see more

Perhaps seek a letter of recommendation from a former coworker, customer or supervisor.

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I've applied for just about every job on every single job search website that remotely fits my resume. Some I've sought out, others I've gotten in job alert emails. I even get calls from recruiters offering me jobs that I am very clearly under-qualified for but they ask me for details and information to pursue and set something up for anyway (and I figure, why not?).

Some of the ones I'm applying for I feel like I match what they're looking for... see more

It's called Poor Judgement Talk is cheap, delivering the truck and cargo safely was, even if your late. let him... see more

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For most of the last 16 years, I have built a career as a branch/store manager with different companies in the building materials industry. However, the last of those companies I worked for closed my branch at the end of 2018. I immediately began a search for a new position but nothing presented itself right away so I took a commission only sales position with a local roofer to gain some new skills and see the other side of the business. I have... see more

Like safety in Construction or other jobs that you have applied for or will in the future... Keep your head up and... see more

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I dont get it. I got rejected again. They loved my passion but no offer. What am I doing wrong?
I am acclaimed in my field. Just turned 50. 2 degrees. Working on my Masters. All my roles were progressively upward. Am I being blackballed? I remain prayerful.

Don't give up hope,Mel. Check in with your campus career coordinator to see if they can help you get some leads... see more

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I’ve been out work for almost 8 months. I’ve been sending resume on almost all week. Still haven’t got respond. I’m really getting anxious and worry because of my age. I’ve always worked. My last job I was there for 15 years as Manager in Housekeeping and I have the experience and willing to learn more but not getting any respond. What am I doing wrong?

Hi Anna Suarez ! If you have found that you are not hearing back from jobs or landing interviews, the issue might... see more

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Gosh guys, we post our resume online and it goes to many databases but who is reviewing them is a mystery and when you get an email saying that some company is interested and you click that icon and it goes to some other websites and it is like the infinity loop. There has to be a better system that is more effecient and get better results. It has been a very challenging and sometimes frustrating experience. I have a Business ADmin Degree from... see more

The best ways to initially impress an employer is through your resume and cover letter as this is the FIRST thing... see more

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