Hey guys! Just wanted to speak and let everyone know that you all are strong, passionate, caring, loving people. What ever career field you are in or going for, I have FAITH in all of you and I wish you NOTHING but the best of luck <3

Thank you! Good to hear!

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Thru the grace of God he will feel an touch every spot where we lack an uplifting us an make us stinger an much... see more

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I have worked in the healthcare field for about 12 years in various roles, each position having its own set of rewards and challenges. One of my favorite things is knowing that I get to actually help change the lives of others. The connection I have with patients and families is so rewarding. I also love that I’m surrounded by likeminded people who I can learn from!

Who else is in the industry? What is your favorite part about it?


Going the extra mile taking time to find better way/ I have purchased stuff animals to make it easier adults need... see more

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Teaching was a very rewarding experience for me.
I was a Kindergarten teacher
for 25+ years. Many days I headed home feeling that the students had taught me more than I them.
Young children are not judgmental
or opinionated . They accept you as you are blemishes and all.
I always wanted my students to feel comfortable at school. Positive reinforcement was my choice of
One day as I was explaining to a student that I always liked him... see more

Where I live , the profession is so competitive and if you do land a job..they try n do everything to eliminate... see more

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I am Betty, I am 65 and I got me a new job in the month of November 2019. I talked to the person, which was a lady on Saturday which was the last Saturday in November of last year and was asked to come for an interview on Monday before it was over the lady hired me on the spot.. Now, I am planning on going back to college to finish my nursing license. So, I Know if I can do it, why not someone younger should be able to also do it to. Sign , B

Yes i am enterestd

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Imagine my surprise when I received a call on a Wednesday morning that the job I had moved to a new state for just disappeared (3 days before my start date).

I accepted a job offer to join a company in Boston, MA. The opportunity was exciting, but also a leap of faith. I knew moving to Boston from New Jersey meant leaving behind friends, family, and a great employer. I knew there were risks to joining a smaller company, but thought I could... see more

Glad to have you on board Connor, you're a success!

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I am new here. I do understand that life can toss you in to all kinds of angles. Please remember you are not alone. Take a moment to breathe and make sure that you relax. Being in a panic does not work. Unless you are looking for a heart attack or stroke. That will only get you one place and that is fun.

Question regarding NV labor laws...
I was diagnosed with acute bronchitis 3 wks ago. Was put on meds and had a Drs... see more

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This quote is for anyone who is feeling hopeless or stressed because things are just not falling into place. Keep going, you are STRONG!


Thanks so much! Needed to hear that today!

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Try hard, try to focus, never give up. Don't try to force but finesse. Have faith in good fate. Also I may not know you but I love you all!

That is really inspiring, Dylan. Please do not forget, it is also a matter of who you know to find a job these... see more

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I had my heart set on getting my old job back after giving them six good years and working really hard for them. During that time, I attempted multiple times to get promoted and got nowhere. They decided not to let me come back which crushed me because I had worked so hard for them. Now I am feeling blessed because I have found a better job and I am starting in a lead position because of the experience I have from my old job. I wanted to... see more

Amen to that! Everything He does is for our good. Same happened to me and my confidence was all but destroyed. I... see more

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Susan Ferreira Thank you very much!

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I hope everyone is having a awesome day. Make it a great day or not, the choice is YOURS!


Yes I tolteley agree

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