Our vision is that Jobcase can be a modern union movement in support of workers. We begin by building a platform of tools and foster a community that supports one another. We then leverage this to amplify your voice, put data behind it, and bang on C-level doors to reclaim capitalism to work for all. We got your back. This op-ed printed in Fast Company magazine today is just the beginning. CEO's are starting to talk about valuing... see more

Great article! All of these points are so important. I love the part about the living wage and friendly scheduling... see more

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We are excited to finally introduce a new and improved Jobcase, For You!

Our site has been rebuilt to deliver only the best advice and job search results much faster than before. Search smarter with the help of Jobcase!

What's new:

Got questions? Want advice? Check out the For You homepage where you can follow topics and create a custom stream of the most relevant and interesting content from our community.

Struggling with applications?... see more

Thru the grace of God he will feel an touch every spot where we lack an uplifting us an make us stinger an much... see more

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Hello all. Just wanted to say I am new here. This appears to be a very cool site and I really like this community area. I am currently submitting to positions that interest me in my field of music both performance and administration. I look forward to talking and learning from many of you as well as giving my input. Blessings.

Welcome! We are all here to support you in your journey to a new job so ask away if you have any questions. Looking... see more

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I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for following me on Jobcase. This is our year to be better than before. Over the next couple of months, I plan on sharing Job opportunities you can do right at home. Opportunities to make money in your spare time. Business plans to enhance your life. Please feel free to share your ideas as we with me and others. May this year bring each of you many blessings and more.


Mike... see more


Happy New Year Michael Carvalho . Best Wishes for 2020!!

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Wishing the Jobcase community a happy holidays! The compassion and warmth found on Jobcase every day is a constant reminder of the beautiful things that can happen when we all come together to help and support each other. That is what the holiday spirit is all about.

Take time to enjoy your loved ones today and spread cheer to those who need it the most. Thank you to each of you for making this community such a special place. Happy holidays!


Me I need help have been searching for a job abroad am failing. Am from africa

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Today has been an interesting day. Starting off with teaching my last class of 2019, then having a certification test to take at 6:00 PM. Keeping in mind if I failed it meant having to take the whole course all over again? Talk about pressure being placed on me? I have come to realize I work well under pressure. It’s New Year’s when people are preparing to celebrate the New Year and I am preparing for my exam in Alzheimer's & Dementia. How many... see more


I took this picture this morning while teaching a class. The topic of discussion was Leadership in the Community!
While teaching the class on what it takes to be a leader in the Community, engage people to get involved. In order to be a good leader, one must lead by example.
This morning in class I asked each person to stand in front of the pictures in the order they believe is important to them in able to educate other. This is my order... see more


I wish every day could be Thanksgiving so that we can constantly remind ourselves of everything that we should be grateful for. It’s easy to take our lives for granted and forget about others who are not as fortunate.

I personally want to express how grateful I am for everyone in this Jobcase community. The advice and emotional support that each of you provide makes such a difference to others out there that have nowhere else to turn. You... see more

Great! Just beautiful.
My motto is( doesn't matter where your parents were born, we are all brothers and sisters)... see more

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Ernest Hicks That's a great motto. Thank you for sharing

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I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, but please stop and consider those who are homeless. Did you know that Los Angeles has become the #1 capital in the U.S. for homelessness now? Our nation is hurting and we must stop to think about others if we are to turn this nation around and giving to our fellow citizens in need is a major way to help. One place that is in need is the Union Rescue Mission downtown Los Angeles Skid Row area. They... see more

This country is only doing great for the wealthy... please! I'm in south Florida and huge problem here with... see more

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Fantastic Marilyn Vina Moffitt Olson ! Welcome Back :-)

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Hello fellow Jobcasers! A few months ago I was contacted to participate in a feature article about Jobcase for Forbes magazine! It was an honor being able to represent for Jobcase, and talk about my personal challenges, struggles, and how Jobcase helped me make a better life for myself. My wish is that everyone here will have a positive experience while you navigate the job market. This is a powerful community, so be sure to make the most of it... see more

Yay Sasha. Sharing with you about how difficult it has been seeking employment has truly lifted my spirits, thanks.

... see more
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