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Could you take five minutes and fill out this survey related to your work preferences? Your answers will help us understand the community's needs and wants so that we can better assist you!

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This is great insight! I can't wait to see the results.

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Good place to work but had trouble being a cashier there, so had to do a different position

What position did you do instead Gloria Sumner ?

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It greet the people in kmart are the best that's why. I love to work in kmart.

I'm glad you love it jaime soto !

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Working with peoplo

Thanks for sharing! Lisadiana RodrigueZ

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I was working as an Overnight Stocker at the Vineland NJ Kmart store from November to December 2002. Since it was a temporary position, I didn't exactly enjoy working overnights, but if there was one thing I've learned from my Kmart experience was this: Get your pallets off the sales floor before you leave.
Let me tell you a little story: I was working with a gentleman named Alfred one night and when it came time to remove our pallets, I was... see more

It's always good to take experiences from each job we have and make them valuable Gregory Lane !

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Had good hours and benefits

Thanks for sharing your feedback Cathy Hayes !

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I enjoyed helping people, find what they were looking for answering their questions. Everyday was something new. I liked having my own area that I was held accountable for. I enjoyed ordering merchandise and keeping counters filled and straightened. I also enjoyed doing new layouts.

Sounds like you are a customer service rock star Kelly Steinike !

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Excellent work atmosphere, manager and crew were wonderful to work with. I was primarily a bookkeeper but also worked wherever I was needed. Lots of opportunities to learn.

Way to go!

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Everyone was nice to me never had a problem there !

I lived with public helping people

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