If you have felonies but good driving record will be harder to get a decent driving job?

hi @MiguelGarci ! you may want to check out the Truckers USA group - there's lots of members there who may have... see more

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I just tripped across this great 60-second spot on youtube that covers what the Follow buttons do for people. Check it out and I am sure you will make clicking that 'follow' button a regular part of of your jobcase experience! https://youtu.be/PBAUiAZSIno

Fred Goff I remember this video! Great job Nicholas Leonard : ) I like to follow those on Jobcase who inspire me... see more

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I have been a Uber part-time driver for a little over a year now. Personally, I really enjoy it with the good and the bad riders. Its been way more good than bad. Anyway, I considering going Full time so I called Uber support team for some answers but none was provided. So I'm reaching out to the Group to help out.


What is your average weekly income and how many hours do you work (8, 10, or 12 hours a day)?
How many days a week... see more

Hi Manuel, interesting question here. I haven't driven myself, but travelled a lot for my old job and used to talk... see more

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I was driving back home around 3 in the morning and I had not seen my family for over 4 weeks so I decided to take a short cut through some pretty isolated back roads that I didn’t know too well. It was literally in the middle of NOWHERE but I figured if it got me home faster it would be worth it.

So I get to this part of the road with all of these old creepy trees on the side. I hadn't seen a house or anything in hours, it was just miles and... see more

There are many strange things in this world! I can certainly believe it; Maybe it was a brief intersection with... see more

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nice online tutor

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Happy New year!
First of all, I will turn 60 years old near the end of this month. I have been applying for jobs online since November.
In moving forward , I applied for several positions at Metro, including part time bus driver. In addition, I received an email requesting that I select date/time to take a pre interview driving test. I arrived early to the designated rest site, took the test. After taking the test, applicants and I were... see more

Well nobody truly compassionate about your life or your career and go onto the next level with this I will pursue... see more

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For anyone who's worked for them in the past, could you tell me which of the two is better to work for-Lyft or Uber? I got a suggestion from this site for both as job opportunities so it would help with deciding which to look into or pursue. Temporarily unemployed so this would be to help pay bills in the meantime. Searching for full-time work at the moment but that would be a separate post. Thank you to all who reply in advance for your help!

Do both! Also...there are other (many) gig based opportunities out there that can be useful for income. Never... see more

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When I drove tour bus I had a group of bankers going to a Oakland A's game I went out to my bus to start it up and make sure that it was ready to go by the time the game ended when I went to start the bus it wouldn't start I called my dispatcher he said what do you want me to do your in Oakland I'm in Sacramento so I called another bus company in Oakland they couldn't get anybody out there to me and couldn't get the bus to start when they did... see more

That sounds very stressful, Congrats for pulling it off Debra!

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Any jobs with aviation a 16 year old boy can do?

The environment is okay for my health

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