Curious for this community’s thoughts on yesterday’s news? Anyone here who works for Uhaul who can share how the workforce is feeling about it?


Employers are free to ban all smoking in the workplace, even if state law allows it. In other words, there is no... see more

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One of the most productive pieces of career advice I got in my early years out of college was my first manager telling me to always dress for and act for the next role I want, so that when opp opens up I am a natural to be considered. That worked in my early banking career quite well.

Nowadays part of my role is to identify new leaders. I don't really look or care about attire (Sorry Mr. Phinney, that worked in 20th-century banking but not in... see more

I am a very young 55 yr old girl. Does Delta hire on age basis?

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i did customer service things that no one else taught me and used the computer

I am a hard-working maintenance man work 3 years doing maintenance for client never missed a day worked five years for U-Haul for moving help dedicated worker and loyal


Hi George Sheppard , please send your resume and application information to the Brookdale Senior Living Center... see more

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Wow, i thought i would never say the words I loved that Job. I was a customer service rep for Uhaul Moving &Storage. That job taught me so much bout myself, what my accomplishments could be, what my future had in store. I now see it was all a eye opener, bout life. It was a lesson learned without much practice. Now how mowmany day.. ilove ya

Great Analogy

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Be the very best you ever. Working with Uhaul has been a great experience. I have learned so much not just within the job but within myself. You learn to have alot of patients understanding and compassion as each customer has a different situation. Moving can be very stressful and being that smile that cheers them up makes all the difference. Giving them a great experience not only helps them but it helps me too!

I have always believed that the sign of a great job is where you grow not only your career but as an individual. I... see more

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Management communicated well, Benifits were better than most. There were multiple opportunities for advancement locally or anywhere in the country,

I really loved the interaction with the customers, as well as the being able to go to different areas meeting new people and being able to drive all the different sizes of uhaul trucks.

All summer long was stressful near closing time as it was the busiest as the lot was full of people returning equipment and people on the road waiting to get in to uhaul to return equipment

Making the customer happy and satisfied so they will always come back.

UHaul now #hiring #WorkFromHome part time employees anywhere in North America. Click on Contact Center WorkFromHome Program for more application and training details...

Contact Center WorkFromHome Application.

Thanks for sharing, Marcus. I tried to apply- downloaded a cover letter and my resume, and tried to submit it, but... see more

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