I have started to fill out applications on line and although they can't ask your age they do ask the year you graduated high school. I was in class of 78, anybody want guess my age? Seems wrong...thoughts?

I agree. I graduated 1964// Yes, I am 73 but I don't want to sit around doing nothing. Besides I need to supplement... see more

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Filling out job applications should be fast, easy, and convenient. While most employers are converting their application process to be easy and mobile friendly, it is still worth your time to complete important questions on the application.
1. Be selective with your job experience, but not too selective. Many employers ask for you to provide only relevant job experience, but if that will cause your experience to have large time gaps, be mindful... see more


Christmas is coming up and i want to give my family the best.especially my girlfriend

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I've been looking for work since October of 2018, I may be in my 60's but still strong and active and want to work. My field is shipping and receiving for 30 years which I enjoy doing, do not know why I haven't been hire yet.

Get out of here with that racist garbage. Politicians may try to blame all society's ills on immigrants but it is... see more

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I had an interview today to be a lab technician. The interviewer young girl . She kept telling me that their is a lot of walking with the job . I said Okay . As I was walking back to the trailer with her she made a comment You know as you age your body slows down and you can not walk as fast as you used too . I am 55 years old

If I were Shelly, I would have finished the interview with grace and poise and when offered the position turn it... see more

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I am 55. The only work I’ve been able to get are housekeeping. Which I did for 12 years, self employed. Can’t even get those jobs anymore because the market is flooded. I’ve had interviews at stores like Ross, where I actually worked before, group interviews with 3 or 4 college aged children and I have experience and one hour later got an email saying no thank you. Which means the 25 year old managers hired the 18 year olds. With no experience... see more

Thanks for information. I was hesitating applying there and now I'm not.
What is your position at Amazon?

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Most small businesses are started at age 45. Why? Because at that age, you have been there and done that. It is time to start working for yourself and have some sense of purpose.
That is not always possible and let's face it, you need the money. When your age comes up, and you have all of this education and experience behind you, every job you apply for gets turned down.
When you do get an interview, or are working on a cover letter, try to... see more

This approach might work in sales or academia or trades, but not in tech.

When I've been in interviews of jobs I... see more

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Sometimes an interviewer will make an off-color comment or joke that really tips us off about what they think about us. When Shelly was interviewing for a Lab Technician position, her interviewer dropped a comment on her that set her alarm bells ringing! Shelly says:

She kept telling me that their is a lot of walking with the job. I said Okay. As I was walking back to the trailer with her she made a comment You know as you age your body slows... see more

Tell that to these Companies today and see what they say?.

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EVERYBODY. Remember the competition is fierce. There are young workers willing to take a smaller paycheck to get their first opportunities, middle range aged people who have more experience, and older people with a lot of experience, but may not get the job anyway. The economy had a downturn, throwing a lot of workers out of jobs, and the college degree, although costing more, is worth less than it used to be, because there are so many who... see more

You are soooooo right

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I am starting over after 23 years at home and raising kids and being a helpful wife to my husband of 25 years. Now, I find myself needing to get a job and although I have lots of experience in many areas... I keep getting denied. I think my resume is sabotaging
me! I need help understanding how to present a 50+ year old who is young at heart and very willing to learn and work. I need income in order to provide for my 4 daughters.


You may need to take a minimum wage job to show your willingness to work. It is much easier to get a job when you... see more

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Observation has led me to the conclusion that the larger majority on this site are 40 somethings, or younger. It would be helpful to get insight from younger career oriented individuals on the struggles of those of us who are 55+, trying to re-invent ourselves, (very possibly for the 3rd or 4th time), especially more so it seems for women, and having great difficulty in doing so.

Anyone would think that the job market as it now stands, with more... see more

Hi I am 45 year old female. I stopped working in Dec 2018 when my position no longer was needed. I have multiple... see more

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I've been looking for work since December 2017 when I was awarded my Master of Science in Counseling. I already have over 40 years of counseling experience/practice but no one wants to hire me. Guess they are afraid I'll try to take their jobs, or else die before they get their pound of flesh out of me. By the way, I turned 70 this past August but am still in excellent health and can run circles around folks half my age. All else aside, I need a... see more

I certainly feel for you. I am gooing to be 66 next month, and I desperately need a part-time job. I believe that... see more

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