What do you do when a company blackballs you? I haven’t worked in 6 months because they are stopping me when they get a call for reference.

Whatever you do be upfront about the conditions at your former employer includung the reason you left or was asked... see more

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MLK day is coming up soon and it has got me thinking about those who do what is right.

A few weeks ago as I was getting off the train my keys fell out of my pocket and due to the lack of sleep, I didn’t even notice (#momlife).

I would have traveled for an hour and a half without them, rushed over to the car and then realized they were gone. My baby would have been waiting at daycare and I probably would have cried.

...but instead, someone on... see more


I had a customer who had a watch that was at least $75,000. I didn’t see it until about an hour after he left.
I... see more

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HR is well versed in how to avoid saying you won't get a job because you are too old. They still ask the questions such as graduation date and even date of birth. Why would they ask the question if they did not intend to factor the information in decisions? Making the application only about qualifications will take legislation and law suits to change corporate behaviors.

I'm 56 anymore they give me the your over qualified for this position . Not much fun being in that semi retired... see more

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Rod Berry
I totally agree

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So recently I was let go and on very morally questionable grounds and right before Christmas literally 3 days before I moved into my new place all seemed great until I was asked to come to the office and that's when I got delivered the news. It was heart breaking and terrifying because all I could think was now what. I had just enough money to post for 2 months rent and that was it but I got let go at the worse part of the year. In my field... see more

amazing ty

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I just applied for a job on LinkedIn, which told me the position was posted 16 hours ago, and it already had 73 applicants. I went on an interview last week where 100 were chosen, and only 10 were selected. Last Monday, for another job, 50 were interviewed and only 5 were selected. Sometimes you feel you should not be born before 1990, or have more experience than the age of the interviewer.

I understand what you are going through. I look at it this way. If there are 700 applicants and you were called for... see more

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I've currently applied for 355 positions with no interviews. I'm simply running out of time. 355 apps/resumes sent and not a single one. Nothing. I've contacted recruiter after recruiter and still nothing even after nine recruiters...yes, NINE. Rejection after rejection.

Any help whatsoever is greatly appreciated.


Do you have good driving record n car n phone? Why not sign up for Uber or Lyft n door dash...get 2 othes... see more

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I’ve looked up headhunters, talent management companies and staffing agencies. I went into Philadelphia dressed to impress hoping to talk to someone who could help me find a job that was a perfect match for me and the company. Three agencies looked at me like I was crazy. I said right off the bat that I didn’t have an appointment, but would like to schedule one. I also had copies of my resume. All three told me that they don’t do appointments... see more

Hi Jacob,
Since it’s been a while, and you are getting back up to speed - you might want to be mindful of how many... see more

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Looking for a job isn’t so easy when you haven’t had to in twenty-five years. Applying for a job is so different because everything is on line.

Totally true David but don’t be discouraged. There are a lot of tools online (like Jobcase) that can help! Do you... see more

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In today's world, people want instant gratification. Employers seem to only go with the sure thing. Yes, hiring someone with experience may be a good thing, but how's their work ethic?? Thing is, companies get so caught up in pretty resumes that they overlook a lot of good candidates. I've been getting views on my resume but only one call. This is very discouraging but I just heard on the news that unemployment is at a low for African Americans... see more


Have you checked with the employment office on programs that they have to unemployed and part-time workers?

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Curious for this community’s thoughts on yesterday’s news? Anyone here who works for Uhaul who can share how the workforce is feeling about it? https://www.washingtonpost.com/business/2020/01/03/u-haul-will-stop-hiring-smokers-foster-culture-wellness-cut-health-care-costs/


Employers are free to ban all smoking in the workplace, even if state law allows it. In other words, there is no... see more

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Hello, I was applied last week of september but no information/email if you still have slots or no. I'm waiting for the response.

Hi Rona Abucot , check your junk mail inbox for an Amazon application confirmation first. if you don't find... see more

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