This is thought provoking read. Often we focus on ageism from a combative stance (it must be fought as it damages both victim and injurer themselves). But in country where 40% of us report to someone younger than ourselves- we should all pause to think about inter generational harmony and collaborations from positive, optimization perspective which can unlock tremendous productivity. see more

Filling out job applications should be fast, easy, and convenient. While most employers are converting their application process to be easy and mobile friendly, it is still worth your time to complete important questions on the application.
1. Be selective with your job experience, but not too selective. Many employers ask for you to provide only relevant job experience, but if that will cause your experience to have large time gaps, be mindful... see more


thanks all congrats

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Thought provoking article. If you are an office worker past present or future, worth the read. Curious about reactions....

Definitely an interesting read! I think it's hard to define work/life balance because it means something personal... see more

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This sounds interesting Divya. P. (Msc.Biotechnology) but I don't know too much about this topic. What's your... see more

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Hai mam,actually i myself doing project in bioinformatics,i am differentiating species of ebola virus based on the... see more

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Good Insights I found helpful, hopefully you will as well. ....... :)

Most of us were taught as kids that getting other people's approval is extremely important. I still remember how ashamed I was to get hauled to the front of the classroom for some infraction in first grade.
I wanted to be invisible in the back row.
As adults we still believe that making people happy is important -- especially people in positions of authority! We try as hard... see more

Great read. I feel much better after reading this.

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The key is to become an ASSET to your employer. How will you bring value to this company? Are you ready to answer?

It's certainly important to recognize and discuss the value you bring in a way that highlights your skills... see more

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If you haven't searched for a job in recent years, things have changed significantly and will continue to evolve thanks to artificial intelligence (AI).

Will AI really help in the recruiting process? And how will this affect the interviewing process?

Hi Steven Ransom it's so nice to hear from you : ) Thank you for sharing this article with the community!

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I saw this article. We need more of this in every city!


This is how it's done.

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Thanks for sharing this article Natalie M. Rains, CCMA ! Also be sure to check out #JobcaseInsideer for more tips... see more

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