The man that owned Cross Gates sold them years ago. I wouldn't say to much of anything because I really know very little about them.

Filling out job applications should be fast, easy, and convenient. While most employers are converting their application process to be easy and mobile friendly, it is still worth your time to complete important questions on the application.
1. Be selective with your job experience, but not too selective. Many employers ask for you to provide only relevant job experience, but if that will cause your experience to have large time gaps, be mindful... see more


Christmas is coming up and i want to give my family the best.especially my girlfriend

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Gregory Blanding me 2. I know now why people do bad things. Survival!

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Everyone makes mistakes. The best thing you can do is own up to it, try to correct it and learn from it.

Do NOT Work here. The Managers are incompetent. They lie and mislead. They do not care for your well being

I'm sorry you had such a negative experience Tory Welch !

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Start in a place where your growth as a worker is nurtured and mistakes are not critical to the immediate success of the company. For instance a defect on a heater core that is caught at another process may not be as impacting as a defect on an HVAC unit that is being shipped directly from the line to the customer. Denso is a great place just be aware of limitations and needed growth and take time to get there.

Amazon is hiring up to 1,500 Full & Part Time Associates in Central Florida and hosting Appointment Only #Hiring Events Mondays to Saturdays NOW through Aug. 23.

Interested applicants are encouraged to apply online, choose a work shift schedule, and select an interview appointment time. Please use the link below to access Amazons career page and apply today!
Amazon to hire 1,500 in Central Florida

How I made an appointment I'm interested in the job

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Omar Romero I would like too know if tgere hiring in mia

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This is the best job in the world good pay and hours very friendly staff great benifits

Dont do it...they don't care about you...they care about money most importantly

If you don’t mind sitting around to get a call. Then this is the job for you. After training I sat for an hour and maybe got one call. I have better things to do than sit and look at a pc screen waiting to get a call. You get paid by the minute of talk time.

Love Halloween!!!! Know about what’s new for the year, what people might be interested in. Be organized, knowing your store is beneficial on great customer service. Finally, be prepared for rejection and difficult customers. Good communication is great to have because of the different people you’ll meet daily. Last but not least have fun!! It’s halloween!

It's worth all the training and orientation.a good job.

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