Not knowing what to do and no one explaining anything

Curious what job everyone applied to today


Applied for the same old, same old. I've been out for almost 10 months. It's getting boring and redundant. I'd... see more

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Boss berry nice

Solving patrons issues so they left happy and became a return customer

Grilling for parties large & small
2 full size wood burning BBQ pits cooked all foods over oak wood
Also helped chef with kitchen duties as well
10 yr employment

Kerry ingredients Evansville have horrible lead operators. The lead operators don't take accountability for their actions and blame the rest of their team for their mistakes. The head plant operator never investigates problems when they occur and goes by a he say,she say system.

Family oriented business that cared about customers and employees opportunities for advancement and training in the restaurant business

because of the flexibility of hrs. It's a fun job.


While Bagging and Stocking I get to meet people

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