I’m really feeling down due to job searching and searching for something that I would like to do and when I do find something that I would be interested in, they “prefer a bachelor’s degree”. I can’t afford to go to school to get a bachelor’s degree and all the jobs that require or prefer some sort of degree, I could just be trained on and do a good job at it. It’s ridiculous and frustrating!

Just because they prefer a degree doesn't make it a requirement. If you have the work experience that can... see more

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susan musumeci I’ve tried but they just send me something saying they went with other candidates who better fit... see more

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Wanted: Positive Attitude

It all begins with your attitude. You've no doubt heard the phrase Your attitude determines your altitude. A positive attitude will not only help you to find a good job but also help you hold on to your work in a competitive market.

Many employers say a positive attitude is one of the personal traits they value most highly in their employees.

When you have a positive outlook, you work more effectively. It will give... see more


I'm ready to be stable with a great job.Seriously!

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Am I the only one noticing employers advertising the same job over and over seemingly avoiding and ignoring the applicants they already have in hand? I mean I see the same job advertised and you can clearly see where people have applied but yet they still continue to Seek out the perfect candidate.

People need jobs, pay bills and try to make a living. If you truly want the perfect employee then might I suggest you take a chance on a candidate... see more

No one wants to hire old anything! Had great jobs, ancient history, because I was dam terrific at everything I... see more

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I've put my resume in businesses near where I am moving too. (Moving to be closer to family) I've been at my job for 25 years and I really like it. I went back to school as older adult, and obtained two associate degrees in engineering fields. These recruiters are only sending me administrative jobs and warehousing, jobs that have nothing to do with what I am searching for or have listed on my resume. On top of that, they've sent me tow motor... see more

Depends on the deference in cost of living it may not be a big pay cut like you assume.

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I have family where I am going and it really is that big a difference. :(

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I notice nowadays that agencies and companies are looking for everyone to have some degree. No problem with a degree, which is just theory, without practical experience, its just a useless paper trail. Projects are not constructed on a computer behind a desk in an office, but out in the field. I have even noticed that they looking for a foreman in construction to have a degree, its laughable, if i had a degree, i would not be a foreman. I... see more

I could agree with you somewhat on your comment.. however if there is to be any non verbal communication between... see more

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So I got laid off it will be a year as of the 25. I have to say I am utterly drained in every sense! Iam mentally emotionally and spiritually drained!! I just don’t know what do I actually dread this life of nothing!!!! It’s so hard to stay positive especially when ur going insane from billls and daily struggle! I think it’s ridiculous what these companies expect from us (qualification wise). Why do I need a bachelor degree to sell a mattress I’m... see more

Pioneer Human Services
Catholic Community Services. Keep thriving don't give up...

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Looking for something in medical field went to school for register medical assistant . Everywhere i went looking for experience that i dobt have

Is anyone having a hard time finding a career with their masters in human resources. They all say need experience but how can you when no one will give you a chance so you can get experience.

I am sick of the back door predjudice that I am facing getting a job. I am beyond qualified for the jobs that have applied and interviewed but it seems my age is becoming a factor.

Year of graduation has nothing to do with age. You can stay in school until you're 21 or graduate early. They... see more

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I have interviews three jobs in the past two weeks. I called to check on my application. Personnel told me the department would contact me and to call them. I called the department and she told me contact personnel. I checked my mailbox and the woman from the department sent me a letter, dated the day of my interview saying I was not chosen. I have 5 degrees and administrative experience and skills. What else do they want?



Wow! I am sorry for your misfortune, but I think you r gonna be okay. U got 5 degrees and can't find... see more

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Four interviews this week. Dish washer, stocker, office worker. Pending with other places that pay as much or more than office work. Pay varies from $11.10 per hour to $48 per hour. I am qualified for everything. And my degree was not needed for any application. Only 1 out of 10 interviews needed me to find, remove from a picture frame and render my bachelor graduation certificate for review. That is the oddball out. My degree is not needed for... see more

No. But being a temp agency, maybe they were looking for more suitable positions for you.

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Heather Dunham Heather, that is really what good recruiters do. But, truly, money is not the main point on a job... see more

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