A little background, I applied for two places around the same time (we’ll call them A & B). I missed a call & voicemail for A somehow and the manager graciously let me get another interview but this was after the B had already interviewed and given me the job as a waitress. I went into B on a Wednesday for training but got sent home early because there was 0 tables so I did maybe like 3 hours & Thursday again but only for 2 hours. My interview... see more

Don't blame yourself. They should have waited to discuss the situation with you. If they had gone through all of... see more

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Artificial Intelligence Changes Employment

We have been hearing a lot about Artificial Intelligence over the past several years. Some experts predict that AI will eliminate half of all jobs that require humans. Yet, others say that we have nothing to fear, because AI may rid many jobs, but it will also create new employment opportunities.

According to a new Brookings Institution report, robots aren’t replacing everyone, but a quarter of U.S... see more


Great article! I also believe it's time humans started reducing their population on the Earth and plant trees and... see more

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I interviewed with a company I am excited to work with,I met the District Manager first then had phone interviews with Regional manager as well as Regional H.R,the following week the D.M called and we negotiated pay,He welcomed me to the company and even though he was on vacation he would key me into their system for me to watch for the email requesting the drug screen. I have been eagerly checking my email and nothing has come through.It has... see more

Continue to look elsewhere until u find something... Waiting for on job when there are millions still hiring is a... see more

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I have interviews three jobs in the past two weeks. I called to check on my application. Personnel told me the department would contact me and to call them. I called the department and she told me contact personnel. I checked my mailbox and the woman from the department sent me a letter, dated the day of my interview saying I was not chosen. I have 5 degrees and administrative experience and skills. What else do they want?



Shawn, I know the feeling, I just paroled from prison on October 15 and thought that I would be working in no time... see more

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Ive been waiting aince the 25th to hear back from amazon about my emails to confirm my start date. I have not heard anything back and wondering if I should go ahead and call them?


Hi there just went through my process will be starting as a driver. That process went quickly and... see more

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I have had a few interviews and they told me I would hear back within a week or so. One position it has been 5 weeks and the other has been 2 weeks haven’t heard any responses. I have followed up via email to both recruiters no response yet. Do you guys think I have been ghosted, or they may still be interviewing?

Keep applying -- I applied to one position 3 months ago, and they just sent me a rejection letter yesterday -- Some... see more

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I had a great phone interview last Tuesday with a director from a company that was extremely close to the job I was doing before I got laid off. I emailed them directly on September 30, then found the same posting on LinkedIn, so I applied again.
I then followed up on my original email.
During the interview he mentioned that it was my follow up that got me the interview because when he read my original resume he thought I was overqualified.
At... see more

Sounds all to familiar!! IF WE are over 50.....they do not even consider us. Best to NETWORK.....worked in my... see more

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Hello, I was applied last week of september but no information/email if you still have slots or no. I'm waiting for the response.

Hi Rona Abucot , check your junk mail inbox for an Amazon application confirmation first. if you don't find... see more

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Hello My Name is Juanita Donaldson I've. already submitted an application and was waiting for a reply back for a interview

We can't see the email you're referring too Juanita Donaldson . If you send me the email link, photo of the... see more

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i just received this email while waiting on my background check. Does this mean I didn't pass it and didn't get the job?

What does the email say Jesse Cancienne ? Is it a rejection notice? Also, what company and job are you referring... see more

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My drug test was confirmed 10/31. I was suppose to hear in 5 days. Nothing yet what is my next step?

Nicholas Crawford , connect with an Amazon recruiter via the online chat option on the Amazon career site. They can... see more

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