keep both eyes wide open and make sure you know what you job really is

Employer ghosting is frustrating to say the least and not a good business practice.

I believe recruiters sometimes are inundated with applications and interviews and inevitably ghosting can happen.

I like to use post-interview follow-ups as opportunities to both thank the interviewer for their time and reiterate interest in the role, but also use the opportunity to nudge the interviewer to take action and keep yourself top of mind with them.

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My oldest son has an odd opinion on ghosting/2 week notice policies. He says employers will fire you/let you go... see more

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James Wilson
I kind of agree though some employers will give a two weeks severance, so that is a consideration... see more

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I've been looking for a part time job since last October, I'm not giving up, but, I have applied to Wal Mart for a position they had online as a greeter, they said I was over qualified for that position, I have been retired since 2015, I thought as a greeter I can go back to work to use as supplement for my social security.

I'd try working at a local school perhaps as a lunch person or a crossing guard for the kids. Don't give up sell... see more

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Make sure to be alert at all times, were shorts if it's summer, or mittens when it's winter

653 Gravois Bluffs Blvd, Fenton, MO 630267716

I'm seeking employment as a Greeter at Walmart or Sam's club.

I will tell anyone that is the one of the best place to work with. You feel at home, your boss look for you, always willing to help and motivate you.

The biggest mistake, was I fall to submit my job search on time.

I am currently seeking a position as a Greeter in Boca Raton or Boynton Beach.

I am a people person. I enjoyed property and construction management. To see a project completed and a happy... see more

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I am looking for a greeter job


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Good where are you looking for a greeter.I'm in Daytona Beach . Where do you need a greete?

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