I have been searching for a new job since the beginning of June. I have over 12 years in administrative experience. I am getting interviews but then get ghosted. Even by staffing agencies. One job stated that they went with another applicant as they live closer to the business. A staffing agency emailed me and said they would have to dig deeper to find something appropriate for me. I've had only 2 jobs in the past 13 years. Due to hard work &amp... see more

I am in the exact same both, have strong administrative, HR and Payroll background. Went into management for 5... see more

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Below is a calculator to determine what a 'living wage' would be in your location. Do you think this is accurate?
Jobcase believes every employer should help provide either a living wage or a pathway to it. We understand that not every job will be able to pay a living wage. But we believe employers should provide one of the following 3 cases for every job:
a) provide a living wage
b) if providing a sub-living wage, THEN provide an internal... see more


Thanks for you story Avalon.

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So I need anyone's opinion on this. I have two jobs lined up one I started this week and the other I'm supposed to start on December 2nd if I dont like the first one. I have an extensive background in Mechanical ,Troubleshooting and Maintenance

The first one is pretty much Repairing grocery carts and Equipment inside of a Retail store at 19 an hour with a company truck and a company phone. My previous experience overpasses this job by far but... see more

Honestly is kind of tuff but honestly I will consider the second job because it's more concrete because at least... see more

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So I’ve been working for this little call center setting appointments. At first I was so excited because I haven’t worked in years! Like many years... but now that some time has passed and I’ve gotten a few paychecks I’m finding that there’s little that excites me at all with working there. Their thing is hourly vs. commission... but when I am making those appointments they’re not being paid for! So my paycheck was a little over $100.00 for one... see more

Ive been at a job for the past 4 years. Every year around Christmas time they give a bonus for the year. I have never worried before about wether or not I would get one. I have a strange feeling this year that its not going to happen. The business from what owner has said has not been doing as well as previous years. They have cut overtime as well as other small things they used to do for employees. I dont believe they have to give a bonus but... see more

Unless you are union and its in your contract they are not required to give it or give you notice. Its basically a... see more

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I've put my resume in businesses near where I am moving too. (Moving to be closer to family) I've been at my job for 25 years and I really like it. I went back to school as older adult, and obtained two associate degrees in engineering fields. These recruiters are only sending me administrative jobs and warehousing, jobs that have nothing to do with what I am searching for or have listed on my resume. On top of that, they've sent me tow motor... see more

Depends on the deference in cost of living it may not be a big pay cut like you assume.

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I have family where I am going and it really is that big a difference. :(

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The job I'm working at as a customer representative start me off with a good hourlywage. I am going to keep this job I pray for a good while. I start tomorrow for the first time I hope I make a good impression.

Good deal Margie, I'm wishing you all the best!

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I've been working as a healthcare aide for the past year I like my job but its getting to the point where they can count in me to be there but I cannot count on my correct pay on my paycheck. The client I have been working with has been more hostile than usual I go above and beyond I work every weekend 12 hrs and 2 12hr days during the week. Between the cluent being hostile and my paycheck being wrong I am sooo frustrated to the point of wanting... see more

If your pay is incorrect, bring it up to your employer. If they fire you for bringing it up it is retaliation and... see more

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I'm a good person easy to get along with and I catch on really quick


You were hired to to deliver parcels, and the company wants to simply reimburse you for gas versus paying for your... see more

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I want to recommend a book that has added an immeasurable amount of value into my life. It is Wallace Wattles the science series, which includes the science of being great, the science of being rich, and the science of being healthy.

This year my career path has taken me into new heights bringing increased challenges, growth opportunities and MONEY! This entire rise is not only in corporate American but with my children, spouse and almost all... see more

Inspired by your comments and not usually someone who is. I used to be so hopeful and positive. I realize that I... see more

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Melissa Boyle That’s really cool to hear, best of success to you!

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