In today's world, people want instant gratification. Employers seem to only go with the sure thing. Yes, hiring someone with experience may be a good thing, but how's their work ethic?? Thing is, companies get so caught up in pretty resumes that they overlook a lot of good candidates. I've been getting views on my resume but only one call. This is very discouraging but I just heard on the news that unemployment is at a low for African Americans... see more


Have you checked with the employment office on programs that they have to unemployed and part-time workers?

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I'm always amazed by the enduring power and inspiration that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s words had on those around him. His legacy of strength is the epitome of civic responsibility and engagement. As we approach MLK Day, I wanted to take some time to reflect...

Here is one of my favorite quotes. I believe that this applies to many parts of our lives. We may have some bumps in the road that feel like failures, but we must never give up... see more


Thailand does not consider this a holiday. I have my quote. My saying. Best person I ever worked for was a women... see more

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Is it just me or is it getting harder and harder to find a job in the field you have years experience and when you do getting paid what your worth?

I'm a caregiver by trade and I truly care for the residents in my care. I 've cared for a teenager who has autism... see more

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What do you do when your boss give you 3days to go from Hawaii to Portland a doctors Appointment and back to work and that’s not all ever pay check for the past two months they short you a $1.00 every hour idk what to do. I know it’s illegal but lucky . I try to just stay humble

This company paid to teach me so much. I took various classes and received multiple certifications all for free. Great company to work for. They take care of their employees. The pay is pretty good and they have a good incentive program to get quick raises. The best company I’ve worked for on paper. Every hospitality job is going to come with its ups and downs. But for every down moment you had, there was 20 up moments that the company made for... see more

I'm on disability and just looking for a little extra money. I need a job where I can alternate between sitting, standing and walking. Some kind of greeter, receptionist or something similar, no more than 20 hours per week, no more than $9 an hour. Any suggestions?

Here's one. Apply for PBX operator for hospital, school etc. They're usually part-time, PRN & full-time. ALSO... see more

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I've put my resume in businesses near where I am moving too. (Moving to be closer to family) I've been at my job for 25 years and I really like it. I went back to school as older adult, and obtained two associate degrees in engineering fields. These recruiters are only sending me administrative jobs and warehousing, jobs that have nothing to do with what I am searching for or have listed on my resume. On top of that, they've sent me tow motor... see more

Not all states have the same minimum wage requirements so finding something close to what you're currently making... see more

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Ive been at a job for the past 4 years. Every year around Christmas time they give a bonus for the year. I have never worried before about wether or not I would get one. I have a strange feeling this year that its not going to happen. The business from what owner has said has not been doing as well as previous years. They have cut overtime as well as other small things they used to do for employees. I dont believe they have to give a bonus but... see more

Heck early this year I expected my bonus when I had my review in February my boss told me that I was not getting my... see more

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Looking for a better paying job to better provide for my family

Nick Garland Global Employment Solutions in Carlisle has JUST POSTED OPENINGS FOR WAREHOUSE WORKERS. To search and... see more

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I have been searching for a new job since the beginning of June. I have over 12 years in administrative experience. I am getting interviews but then get ghosted. Even by staffing agencies. One job stated that they went with another applicant as they live closer to the business. A staffing agency emailed me and said they would have to dig deeper to find something appropriate for me. I've had only 2 jobs in the past 13 years. Due to hard work &amp... see more

I can tell by your experience that you already have done, and your age. The younger peoples that seems to be... see more

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I applied and was offered a job at Lowe's recently it was a decent job but when I got my offer letter it was like 2 dollars less an hour than the lower employees made so I turned them down the offered another dollar but I can't live on what they wanted to pay me what's the best way to make sure you get the most pay from an employer.

Hi Adam Roark , I'm sorry that happened to you. Were you able to discuss pay with your manager at the time of your... see more

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Elyssa Duncan no they send you an offer letter and you either accept it or not fortunately another position opened... see more

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