I’ve been unemployed for 4 mos and can’t seem to get a job. I’ve gone on countless interviews with no success. I knew around the holidays things would get quiet but it’s middle-Jan and haven’t heard anything. I’m starting to get nervous I won’t find anything. It’s a horrible feeling.


You have the right to ask HR st everywhere you've been turned down why you weren't hired. Start there to find out... see more

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I'm always amazed by the enduring power and inspiration that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s words had on those around him. His legacy of strength is the epitome of civic responsibility and engagement. As we approach MLK Day, I wanted to take some time to reflect...

Here is one of my favorite quotes. I believe that this applies to many parts of our lives. We may have some bumps in the road that feel like failures, but we must never give up... see more

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It seems as though my past haunts me as I struggle to find work because of my background. Is anybody else struggle with this same problem?

Always be honest about your background and always give him your strengths and let them know what you've done to... see more

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What do you do when a company blackballs you? I haven’t worked in 6 months because they are stopping me when they get a call for reference.

Whatever you do be upfront about the conditions at your former employer includung the reason you left or was asked... see more

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How do I get in touch with a supervisor over the agents that help you find jobs?

Just ask to speak to a supervisor, Cause the reps can't help you in the way you need to be helped....

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The truth is I ideally know more than the Managements think.
You go in and fill out the application and answer the work experience.
The time spent with companies and why did you leave.
But no manager will understand, what you could bring to there company.
If all my year's of service don't matter why do they ask?
Older employees bring so much more, but experience can't get you to stay with them.
Listing that experience could help or hinder you.
... see more


You may be the smartest person on the job. How do you fit on the team is valuable. Be humble on the... see more

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Job postings where they want 3-5 years experience for an Entry level position. Translation: We want someone with experience but we don't want to have to pay for it.


Michael, I read your translation and that's fine. The bottom line is they own the Company and we have to fit the... see more

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Now, I'm a little scared. My age, my lack of education, all I have is years of experience. That should speak for itself. I'm sending out resume's signing up on job site's. Keep me lifted.

Getting back into the job hunt is intimidating but don’t lose hope. Know that your first few interviews are going... see more

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My years in the service almost broke me. The only way I have come to hold a job at all is by working at nights just so I can avoid almost all people. I don't like going out and doing stuff and it is hard to get my head on straight to even manage a trip to a store or even to my VA appointments. The only time I feel okay in the slightest is locked away in my home. What kind of jobs would be good for me to do? Can anyone help? I really need this.

Parking attend

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What advice can you give me as a professional who is seeking a job at an older age?

Wish I knew as I'm in the same boat. Regardless of my experience, I know I've been passed up because I am older... see more

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Worked 30 yrs as a Lpn/Paramedic, loved it. Unfortunately, had a accident and while in Physical rehab nursing license lapsed. Currently disabled and looking for part time job. My disability does allow me to work maybe 10-20 hrs per week.

Shame so sad hope you find one

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