The truth is I ideally know more than the Managements think.
You go in and fill out the application and answer the work experience.
The time spent with companies and why did you leave.
But no manager will understand, what you could bring to there company.
If all my year's of service don't matter why do they ask?
Older employees bring so much more, but experience can't get you to stay with them.
Listing that experience could help or hinder you.
... see more


Don't blow yourself up in an interview too much as you can see what happens when you do. Have the employment... see more

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I came across this podcast that hit close to home. I worked in a lot of different service industry positions before getting my start in the corporate world. It actually all started from one of my regulars at the bar I tended who was working at a consulting firm and thought I'd be a good fit for a Research position. Fast forward 5 years and I've built a nice career for myself and a home here at Jobcase where I get to hire engineers that enable... see more

I feel unworthy to be either one of these titles
I’m just doing what I’m called to do. I’m more of a servant (passion for assisting others).
Anyone else?

Yes I have managed teams and owned 2 companies, as a server in the hospitality business currently when performing... see more

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Looking for direction. Interested in where the job openings would be posted to schedule 3rd party sub contractors for package delivery. I believe Amazon hires this out and does not use internal drivers if I am wrong please advise. My background is in fleet Management and logistics. Trying to find work.

Hi Nichole Sowa , for Amazon delivery options you can check their direct Delivery Company (Amazon Flex) and see if... see more

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Lenin Pina appreciate the direction. Have a great day!

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A supervisor at my current position stopped another CSR as they were walking and said new year were cleaning house your next in my list infront of a few other customer service reps. Any opinions or ways I can help them go about this they asked me what to do and I'm just unsure never been in the position.

First of all, before I actually get further into what I want to post, I would like to know if these conversations can be traced back to the individual generating a question. I have already experienced retaliation at my previous employment and do not want to have to go through that again!


Don't, keep it to yourself or contact your HR department.

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. . . Learn to lead by example. Do what you ask your people to do. Show them how. Then let them do it. You must be fair, unbiased, able to listen more than you talk, and consistent always. And special conciousness to NOT be bossy.

Very true

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I cut meat for a company that had decided when we grind hamburger they want us to grind many times in a day in small amounts
And not run out and dont have any back up but if they come in after we are gone and the small packs are empty there will be hell to pay my meat manager agrees with it but he has a history of being a bully and now he is trying to be nice but it's fake if the 1 pound pigs weigh 1.06 lbs he gets pissed if it weighs .89 or even... see more

makes a lot of sense to me, it sounds that company cheats on clients and persecutes employees ... fuck, it's... see more

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I know that job hunting is a time consuming, mood sucking experience so I wanted to post this story and hopefully make you guys laugh a little.

Before I got the job I have now, I worked at a horrible place with a terrible supervisor and manager. I was overqualified for the job but needed the income and the best thing about it was that it was 2 miles from where I lived so I wasn't spending much on gas. I was actually more qualified for the... see more

Yes Rhonda: Appears 2 me and many others she simply feel you will forgiv and forget about the mistamenias that... see more

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Lenin Pina thank you and Happy New Year to you!

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My job is NOT GOING WELL!!! My boss is constantly watching me all the time and sometimes she is like right on top of me! My job isn’t hard or anything I am a cashier but it’s making me so nervous!! Should I tell her to back off?

Hi Enrique Infante ! Don't give up! I would ask your boss to sit down with you one on one and explain how you feel... see more

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Alright so I started a new job. It's not so bad for labor work at this new place. The only annoyance I have was me being sent off last night a time before we closed. We were to leave at around 1015 p.m. and I was expecting some hours. Turns out manager had made a call without my notice, which was to another manager of the store off clock, and they came up to let me go for the nite. Pretty random and out of sight but I listened and left when told... see more

That can happen but if I was you. Start keeping tab of everything. Just for your records so if needed you won't be... see more

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