It isn't fair for anyone to be able to fire someone for no reason.
There are a lot of wonderful people who have sorely suffered because of that law, and now it's time to make a change!

They need to learn contract law

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I'm always amazed by the enduring power and inspiration that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s words had on those around him. His legacy of strength is the epitome of civic responsibility and engagement. As we approach MLK Day, I wanted to take some time to reflect...

Here is one of my favorite quotes. I believe that this applies to many parts of our lives. We may have some bumps in the road that feel like failures, but we must never give up... see more

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My boss asked me to meet with his HR advisor for a discussion the day before I was supposed to return to work from FMLA leave. During our meeting, the HR Advisor let me know that my boss has asked him to let me know that he would like me to submit a voluntary resignationas I had missed too much work (2 weeks). He felt that a voluntary resignation would help us part ways on good terms.

I was caught by surprise of his request because he has... see more

Well, after a week of being left in total uncertainty, my boss asked me to meet with him on Monday... this is all... see more

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Do you tell a potential employer you were fired? And how do you do it?

Wendy - it’s tough any time there is something we aren’t proud of but an employer might ask. If you previously made... see more

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Nicholas Leonard ty for your advice!

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Laid off after 25 years and struggling to find direct hire position.

I compared notes with a man who had 14 years of experience (I have over 25), and both of us were direct hired by a... see more

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If you were fired from a job and you are looking for answers, here are the best ways to handle it and get back out there!

-Wait a day or so
Take a day or two to allow yourself the chance to get past those feelings of anger, sadness, and/or rejection. Give yourself a moment to re-group.

-Get coverage
Having health coverage is so important. Speak to your former employer about extending your health insurance benefit for up to 18 months under... see more


Contact the department of labor in your area and see what are your rights during the time of your employment.

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I had a wonderful job that I really loved I had been on the job four years when I got hurt on the job due to the length of time off work they had to let me go .I understand just I wish they could have let me stayed on part time as a case manager

The day they laid me off. Of course, they told me it was just for 90 days. Then they called me and told me my position had been eliminated.

I have been an LPN for almost 35 years. I feel blessed with a wide variety of experiences this career has offered me. From hands on/direct patient care to patient and staff education and support to medical records investigations for quality improvement and education. I feel that all of these experiences combined have prepared me for more opportunities to advance my career.

I would think..with all your experience that another hospital, other medical facility or doctor's office would be... see more

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Try not to ever be fired or be let go from a job, but if you have been ... Get up and get back out there in the job market ... apply for 6 jobs every day, and you will get hired ! It may not be what you want, but it's a beginning.

Tenfour ready for that

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