30 Tips for a Stunningly Great Life

These tips are from an article by Robin Sharma, given to us (classmates) by Smith Hamilton, one of the contributers. I responded to some denoted by the parentheses. I'm sure fellow JCasers would like to see how many, if any, of the 30 you agree with to live a Stunningly Great Life!
1. Exercise daily
2. Get serious about gratitude
3. See your work as a craft
4. Expect the best
5. Keep a journal
6. Become stunningly polite (This one I have practiced my whole life and have instilled this within my children).
7. Plan a schedule for your week (And your day...the bane of the perfectionist, anal-retentive first-born!).
8. Know the 5 highest priorities of your life
9. Say no to distractions
10. Drink a lot of water (I never drink water, but everything I drink has lots of ice cubes).
11. Improve your work every single day (And I say, Learn something new every single day.)
12. Get a mentor
13. Hire a coach
14. Get up at 5 am each day (Don't quite understand the arbitrary time of 5 am).
15. Eat less food
16. Find more heroes
17. Be a hero to someone
18. Smile at strangers (This is a lovely one and I do this all the time).
19. Be the most ethical person you know (I wish I could say I was, but I don't even make my own Top 100!).
20. Don't settle for anything less than excellence
21. Savor life's simplest pleasures
22. Save 10% of your income each month (Whoops!)
23. Spend time at art galleries
24. Walk in the woods (I'm too afraid, I've seen way too many movies!).
25. Write thank you letters to those who have helped you (Notice, it didn't say text, email, post or call. Write, it said, write!).
26. Forgive those who have wronged you
27. Remember that leadership is about influence and impact not titles and accolades (If only the leaders remembered!).
28. Create unforgettable moments with those you love
29. Have 5 great friends
30. Unplug your TV (We might as well just throw this one away...).

Hope you enjoy reading these-
I sure have enjoyed being a member of your community
and here's to Happy Holidays
and a Glorious New Year
to You All!

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