Very hurt.

I was working for a Temp agency doing a job that I really liked. I was doing extremely well, and caught on quickly. I worked for 4 weeks and had to go to the ER for kidney stones, I missed the 1 day but went back the next day. I worked 4 1/2 hrs the next day and I was doubled over in pain and crying..but still working..when the Supervisor came up and told me that I really needed to go home, that there was no way I could stay and work in that much pain. I left and went straight to the ER again. I recieved a call the very next morning and was fired for missing 2 days!
I have tried to talk to the HR manager, the plant manager, they won't respond. This has left me heartbroken..just seems so wrong. Both the Temp agency and the client was contacted about me being sent home by the Supervisor. The Temp agency did not try to stand up for me at all..nor find me another assignment.

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