Lost my job at amazon :-(((

I have. Even with amazon as a blue badge ( one who works for amazon and is not a temp anymore) since 2012 . I left in the end of aug due to the fact I was doing a job where I would stand still alllllll day lonnnnng and count bins of product . I left casue I would find myself falling asleep no matter how much sleep you had . I am ADHD and non medicated so I needed to stay busy and preferably moving !!! I came back but as a temp for Integrity which is the temp agency for amazon . It was short lived and only for peak . Two days after I started my job my husband was to have surgery to remove a kidney stone the size of a marble !!! So big and everything so backed up he got a deathly infection I have know idea of how it spell !!! He almost died that night !!! Long story short , he was in MICU for 23 days and I accrued points . That is what an Integerity associate accrues when they miss work . You are not to go over a certain amount or you can get fired . It's a known fact and it applies to all . How many people go to work everyday with their other half in the ICU and functions okay and for that matter doesn't miss any work ??? You miss a whole day but call out it's 1.5 points . You are allowed 4.5 tot pal in order to convert and hopefully work for amazon . You can see here if I was to miss two days I'd be at 3 points already !!! Needless to say , I got walked out yesterday for to many points . I had like 7 . I know the rules and I can appreciate them but gee wiz , my husband almost died and we have no time allotted to use to take off when it's peak time so I had to miss work . I had 40 hrs to use as of dec 26 of non paid time off which is fine but still got fired !!! Not cool and I guess they didn't really appreciate what they had so now someone one will get it !!!

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