What I learned after losing the "dream job" I moved for

Imagine my surprise when I received a call on a Wednesday morning that the job I had moved to a new state for just disappeared (3 days before my start date).

I accepted a job offer to join a company in Boston, MA. The opportunity was exciting, but also a leap of faith. I knew moving to Boston from New Jersey meant leaving behind friends, family, and a great employer. I knew there were risks to joining a smaller company, but thought I could eliminate them by proving my value on-the-job. I never got the chance.

So I started a new job search unemployed. Here are the key things I learned along the way:

1.) Use your support system. I called family and friends daily to socialize and vent (job searching can be lonely!). I subletted my apartment and moved in with my girlfriend for additional support. I reached out to people I had gone to school with or worked for in the past. And I asked them to help introduce me to others who might be sympathetic to my circumstances & search. I was fortunate and by the end, 3 people had committed their time to supporting my job search.

2.) For me, creating structure and getting out of the house was key. I found a few cafes near me that I liked and worked at them for about a typical work day. I'd walk my girlfriend to work as a forcing mechanism to get moving each morning.

3.) Finding something else to advance on! My job search was turbulent. There were bumps, highs, and lows. Without much else going on, its hard not to ride the bumps and become frustrated/exhausted. I found that re-devoting my self to fitness and guitar practice were healthy ways to feel like I was progressing, even if my job search wasn't

After 3 months of job searching, I accepted a role with Jobcase. Ever since, I've been fortunate to be able to support and help Jobcase members find jobs and opportunities, which has been more fulfilling than anything else I've done in my professional life. I know that I may be uniquely fortunate to have the support network I had to help navigate my job loss, but sincerely hope my learnings are helpful for you fellow Jobcasers!

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