Relax, clean up, be humble, and smile.

When it comes to interviews for employment, no matter the industry, there are 4 tips (in my opinion) that always help out. Relax. When you're being yourself and trying too hard, most people come off too stiff, or too quiet. Its vitial to optimistic and easy going in am interview (remember be proffesional.) However if you can make them laugh, they're sure to remember you. Clean up. It usually goes without saying that taking pride in ones apperance is critical, but you'd be suprised how many employers take your appearance into account. If you show up, with a beard, in ratty torn clothes, smelling of B.O. most likely you wont get a call back. Just dont over do it. No need for a three piece and a cloud of cologne. Be Humble. Confidence is key, own your skills. Flip side dont be afraid to admit your faults. The more honesty you have the farther it goes. Im not saying share your whole life story, but if you've mistakes with past employers or life choices that effected your previous jobs and the interviewer brings it up, keep it 100%. And finally but the most important!! Smile! It's no understatement that a smile can change a life. (Even if you dont like your smile.) Smiling when appropriate shows a sense of ease, confidence, and a positive attitude. I'm not saying smile all the time for one it can be creepy and two everyone has emotions, you're not a pod person. However most if not all employers are looking for people who can look on the brighter side and not let the world get them down. Smiling is a simple easy way to portray this.

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