When I worked at #SalvationArmyLearningZone I gave great advice when

I had a child whose behavior had changed dramatically over a 30 day period. After making observations about the behavior change. I started keeping daily log of activities to see if I could find a trigger. I did new assessments and compared to past assessments. Afterwards I spoke with my director asking for a meeting with the parents. I presented all of my documents to the family and inquired about behavior changes at home. Throughout the meeting the family and I found that the changes were happening at home. I than suggested that the child be seen by the doctor. I offered all my documentations for the doctor's appointment. Because of my observations and the family's willingness to listen to my concerns. It was determined, by the child's doctor, that the child needed a CAT SCAN. The CAT SCAN revealed a tumor that was growing and effecting the childs behavior. The child had surgery and the tumor was removed. The child returned to the center afterwards having all normal behaviors.

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