Not Prime Enough To Work For Amazon

I’m going to Trade School during the day this year and I’ve been looking for a full or part time job that I can work around my daytime school hours.

Today in my e-mail one of the job feed sites posted an Amazon Warehouse Shopper Part Time job. I clicked the link to apply online and took maybe 15 minutes to answer assessment questions about myself and my gender and ethnicity. When I clicked submit at the end it popped up and said they were not going to hire me, but gave no reason why. They also sent an e-mail to me saying the same thing.

Now, I’m overqualified for the job, but I never was asked to upload a Resumé, so they have no idea of my skills and work experience, which is mostly managerial. So, an algorithm that Amazon uses didn’t like my answers and they declined to hire me just as I applied.

No, human looked at my answers. No. interview to find out more about those answers. Nothing but a damn computer saying you’re no good to work here.

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