Diane Meza

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Work experience

Hours: Full Time: 40 hours weekly
Salary: $65,000.00 yr

As a California Department of Corrections teacher, I taught English as a Second Language for eight years, preparing students for the GED exam. I was responsible for teaching non-English speaking adult male inmates (primarily Spanish) skills that enabled them towards occupational and life skills utilized for re-entry.
I prepared daily lesson plans, revised an extended portion of the curriculums learning aids to assist students struggling with Dyslexia, as well as translating in Spanish when necessary, teaching English grammar, writing, spelling and reading skills. The students learned through assimilation corresponding to phonetics, audio, visual aids and other various learning tools. I prepared as well as gave the yearly state assessments for advancement towards obtaining the GED. I counseled students about their progress.
I helped students meet their educational goals. I planned, assigned and supervised students work, maintained control and discipline in the classroom. I also participated in program evaluations with supervisors, counselors and psychiatric caseworkers, to help better determine each student's treatment needs.

My other duties included, submitting monthly Excel data sheet (time sheet) for daily inmate count and (TA) teacher's assistant pay. I attended all yearly institutional trainings, (including Haz-mat). Controlled and took a daily count of all equipment and materials which could be used as potential weapons. I also performed the duties of custody, for reasons of prevention of injury, escape, or bodily harm to themselves, others or property. Other duties included inspecting the premises after each class, searching for contraband, weapons, or illegal drugs.

Further, according to the Bargaining Unit contract, I also assisted in emergencies, during major lockdowns and took assignments at times cooking in the institutions central kitchen and serving meals on various yards.

Developmental Disabilities Association of New Jersey

The Developmental Disabilities Association of New Jersey is an adult training center employment program for adults with disabilities from group homes who attend vocational day programs. As a full time trainer, I trained and supervised Autistic and disabled adults in job related activities involving packaging of retail consumer products. The jobs alternated between assembly line production methods for packaging to sealing plastic wraps for tooth brushes. Teaching them safety and maintaining a safe environment was essential to the job training.
I also worked with those in group homes who were ready and independent enough to have their own apartments. I accompanied them to do a walk- through of their new homes to make sure it was safe for them and that they understood all safety measures, in doing so I demonstrated how to operate appliances as well as assisting them in becoming familiar and comfortable with their new home.

California Department Of Corections
Immaculate Heart College
Bachelors, Art and EducationTeaching Credential