Kim Allen

Reliable-Dependable-Ethical Manager who prefers to Coach her employees rather than dictate. I am compassionate, yet firm. I expect nothing but the best from each team member. I make it a goal to... show more


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Work experience
moving company

1. Recruit
2. Prescreen candidates
3. Orientations/basic info to new hires
4. Filter HR applications to Main office
5. Gather new hire paperwork and copy ID to main office
6. Log and track payroll
7. Meet crews with Contracts-keys
8. Customer confirms for next day moves
9. Discuss billing with customer at time of bill out
10. Type itemized bill if requested
11. Packing inquiries and supply ordering
12. Coordinate crews
13. Yard call crews
14. Bank to get checks for payroll
15. Deposit and withdraw as needed from bank
16. Write checks for payroll after approval
17. Correct pay issues
18. Keep uniform log
19. Rent trucks for multiple moves
20. Rent special equipment when needed
21. Supervise fueling trucks
22. Re-schedule customers,, enter into iCal Calendar
23. Discuss rates and services with customers and referral customers
24. Answer employee questions on, payroll, schedule, etc.
25. Calculate and Process customer payment
26. Order office supplies
27. Order Oil, Fluids DEF for truck Office-Clean office
28. Order locksmith if needed
29. Monitor inventory on furniture pads, shrink- wrap, tape, dollies, straps, tools
30. Rent customer storage units
31. Monitor fleet tracking system
32. Organize storage of end of year files, receipts, contracts
33. Get direct deposit information for main office
34. Track receipts against speedway website
35. Post Ads on various websites for candidates
36. Create TPS report via text after every move to Main Office
37. Respond to customer emails
38. Execute Estimates/Draft estimate
39. Upsell crew to customer
40. Track weather-road conditions
41. Monitor out of state moves 24/7 until back home

Henry Ford High School