Tasheena Keller
Pittsburgh PA, PA 15235

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Work experience
Pizza Hut
call person and counter person

I was hired to be a waitress they had me on training to prepare me to be a waitress. They
started out working the counter and taking orders from phone, they made sure I could
handle the job. They did have an under age women working but you had to be 18 years old
to serve alcohol to customers so, I was 19 years old and so I basically served it for her but
other than it was normal duties that was making the pizza boxes filling shakers and making
sure napkins and cleaning windows on the door entrance and making sure the bathroom
was clean and stocked.

Perkins Restaurant and Bakery
Baker and Prep Cook

When I was hired I was only supposed to be a Baker, bakeries duties where to bake all the baked
goods and keep a log book of how many is out in the show case and how many are being made.

Prep cooks duty are walking in to the fridge and check how many prepared stuff that is made for the
cooks, then you figure what needs cooked and you make sure you accurately make the amount they
need and not run out. once done you have one of the cooks stock their fridges and make whatever
they took.

Hardees Breezewood,Pa - Any Position

Job discription

I basically am everything from cleaning bathrooms to serving the food. I am doing
these job titles at this time :

cleaning bathrooms, placing the order, serving and cooking at times

Good will
Everett area high school
High School, Diploma

Basic education and graduated be 2017

Certifications & licenses
New Florence firehall

10 year

New Florence firehall

Drills and safety


In 2016