I need a job

A #stressful #JiffyLube day


What is my favorite show?



Home Health Aide

Seeking work

Awesome people

Need a job

When I worked at #Peoplelinens I gave great advice when

What's the point?



Make your interviewer feel like you're on their side

Questions to ask on interview

Great Workplace Cultures

How to deal with government and private company auditors

I wished for this!!

The good ole' days

What u need to know about working for UPS

If you want to work in retail...

Found a job

Disney is hiring, Floridians please read.

Office Assistant

Work experience. Don't have gaps in it

Struggling 2 find a operator job...


Wow really


Medical assistant

Motivation issue


Low pay, lack of pay increases

Been Awhile

why is no one calling me back

I decided to work for #InternalRevenueService because...

GOD Blessed me too!

GOD Blessed me too!

I finally got a job.

Get up and move!

My advice to people interested in working at #MillenniumMatsllc. as a #MachineOperator ...

My advice to people interested in working at #Whataburger as a #Cashier ...

I need help

What I loved working at #HansonDirectoryService

Disabled Carpenter , home improvement mechanic


Second phone interview with a tv network and a possible opportunity with a University!!!!

Best of both worlds

Tree huggers rejoiced over this!!

My parents both laughed at me...

Exhausted from job searching

You weren't hired?

I felt welcomed at the City of Lockhart.

Me Getting Bullied In School!!

Welcome to a women friendly company!!

Actively Looking in Wilmington, NC

Got a job

Obtaining your degree at 40

Think further

Development Director


Forklift operator


What it is

Fibre technician



It's a hard time right now

Accepted an IT Internship

I just want to stay in my field!!!!!

Feeling hurt



REGISTERED NURSE with 35+ years

I got passed the first interview,

Traveling merchandiser here available asap

Was let go

I cant find a job and put in apps all day

We create our own destruction